Bordering both symbolism and expressionism, this portfolio of works communicates ideas and meaning through the purposeful abstraction of shape, colour, texture, and sometimes figure.


Produced in 2020, this series is where Plotnek explores his own mind and personal history up until this point. The lines, colours, marks, movement, and flow are lyrical abstractions of Plotnek’s relationship to his own emotions, moods, temperaments, and ticks. Charcoal has also been introduced for its grungy darkness akin to that which the artist feels has been a constant presence in his mind throughout his life. All these contradictory elements play together in this series to create a cohesive whole. Light balances dark, rhythm balances chaos, purpose balances intuition.


Artworks created over this period include some of Plotnek’s earliest works and showcase his début into professional artistry. The theme of these pieces are primarily centred around human emotion and cognition.

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The ultimate security is your understanding of reality.

H. Stanley Judd