Security Threats to the Academic Sector in 2022

I feel for universities at this time. They’ve just come through a battering of nation-wide cyber attacks, a pandemic that threw their standard operating model out the window, and budget cuts that forced rearrangement of entire departments and projects. And now, after all this, being declared critical infrastructure late last year puts academia under theContinue reading “Security Threats to the Academic Sector in 2022”

Power systems resilience: Definition and taxonomy with a view towards metrics

JJ Plotnek, J SlayInternational Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection Across the globe electric power grids are being upgraded to incorporate modern technologies that promise to overcome a multitude of challenges that the legacy infrastructure is currently facing. Each of these new technologies introduce new complexities and vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyber adversaries lookingContinue reading “Power systems resilience: Definition and taxonomy with a view towards metrics”

Cyber terrorism: A homogenized taxonomy and definition

Jordan J Plotnek, Jill SlayComputers & Security Large-scale cyber attacks are increasing at an alarming rate around the world. These attacks are often being linked to the widely publicized and popularized threat of cyber terrorism. However, cyber terrorism is a relatively young field of research and the terminology, much like its parent term, ‘terrorism’, isContinue reading “Cyber terrorism: A homogenized taxonomy and definition”

Australian Cyber Warfare Conference 2019

The proceedings from last year’s Australian Cyber Warfare Conference have been published. If you missed my presentation on the definition and taxonomy of Cyber Terrorism you can check out the discussion paper on Page 1 of the 2019 Australian CWAR Proceedings.