Professional Biography

Jordan’s core motivation is to advance humanity, for which a secure platform is needed to support innovation. In pursuit of this vision he serves as an interdisciplinary thought leader and change agent, helping to solve complex and sensitive security problems for organisations and governments around the world.

After completing his Engineering degree Jordan served as a Cyber Warfare Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force, during which he was deployed on multiple military operations and exercises – including leading the first Australian Air Force cyber deployment to the Middle East in support of the war against ISIS. His time in uniform profoundly shaped the direction of his career and instilled a sense of social duty at an international scale. This inspiration lead to Jordan’s transition to industry and academia in a bid to expand his impact beyond Australian military interests and toward a more global reach.

Since then Jordan has fulfilled various specialist and management roles for large security, critical infrastructure, and Big 4 consulting organisations globally; all focused on the security of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). He also holds qualifications in Engineering, Industrial Control Systems, Security Architecture, and Project Management.

Today Jordan employs his established expertise in the cybersecurity of safety-critical CPS as the Lead Partner for Critical Infrastructure Security at Anchoram Consulting. Alongside this role Jordan is also a Visiting Academic at Concordia University and a doctoral research candidate in satellite (formerly smart grid) resilience and cyber-terrorism at La Trobe University.

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