Jordan Plotnek is a co-founder of Anchoram Consulting and leads their Critical Infrastructure Security specialisation, helping cyber-physical systems owners with services such as:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Threat Modelling
  • Resilience Assessment
  • OT Health Checks
  • Regulatory Audits, and
  • Other cybersecurity-related engagements.

Jordan is known for his passion, values-based orientation, and people focus, and is sought after for giving mission-focused advice on areas such as risk, resilience, compliance, threat, and security.

Areas of Expertise

  • Security risk, resilience, compliance
  • Critical Infrastructure, OT, and IoT
  • Consulting and customer relations
  • Leadership and project management
  • Capability and process development
  • Threat modelling and assessment
  • Aerospace, Defence, Utilities, Industrial
  • Research and thought leadership

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The ultimate security is your understanding of reality.

H. Stanley Judd