What is Cyber Terrorism: Discussion of Definition and Taxonomy

JJ Plotnek, J Slay (La Trobe University) This paper reviews the use of the term ‘cyber terrorism’ and proposes a new universally-applicable taxonomy and definition. The proposed new definition is derived from detailed analyses of existing definitions in the publicly available literature, which includes all of the key commonalities identified in accordance with the newlyContinue reading “What is Cyber Terrorism: Discussion of Definition and Taxonomy”

Real-Time Analogue Electricity Meter Monitor Feasibility Study

JJ Plotnek, M Tutek, L Andrew (Swinburne University) This thesis details the processes undergone to develop and test a system that digitises the data produced by an analogue electricity meter. This was done in order to solve a problem raised by an industry contact that currently only has devices that work with digital meters inContinue reading “Real-Time Analogue Electricity Meter Monitor Feasibility Study”