Careers with STEM: Space 2022

Had fun contributing to the Space edition of the Careers with STEM magazine. Thank you to the team for their efforts in helping to inspire the next generation of space professionals in Australia! See the magazine and a little about what I do in Space-Cyber Security below: Also a brief article here:

Preparing for cyber fallout in the wake of Russia-Ukraine crisis

Although it may feel like a great time to live in our distant island nation of Australia, we are far from being unscathed by the conflict. Recent history (NotPetya, SolarWinds, etc) has shown that we must get prepared for the worst. The below article that I wrote with a colleague of mine helps Australian businessesContinue reading “Preparing for cyber fallout in the wake of Russia-Ukraine crisis”

Security Threats to the Academic Sector in 2022

I feel for universities at this time. They’ve just come through a battering of nation-wide cyber attacks, a pandemic that threw their standard operating model out the window, and budget cuts that forced rearrangement of entire departments and projects. And now, after all this, being declared critical infrastructure late last year puts academia under theContinue reading “Security Threats to the Academic Sector in 2022”

Croisements de vie

I’m honoured to have been selected to exhibit with Centre de Services de Justice Réparatrice and the Canadian Department of Justice. The virtual exhibition was hosted by Gallea and the physical exhibition by Bistro L’Enchanteur in Montréal on 20 Nov 2021. The piece that was selected for exhibition was ‘Survivor‘ , rated as Best ArtworkContinue reading “Croisements de vie”

Power systems resilience: Definition and taxonomy with a view towards metrics

JJ Plotnek, J SlayInternational Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection Across the globe electric power grids are being upgraded to incorporate modern technologies that promise to overcome a multitude of challenges that the legacy infrastructure is currently facing. Each of these new technologies introduce new complexities and vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyber adversaries lookingContinue reading “Power systems resilience: Definition and taxonomy with a view towards metrics”

Cyber terrorism: A homogenized taxonomy and definition

Jordan J Plotnek, Jill SlayComputers & Security Large-scale cyber attacks are increasing at an alarming rate around the world. These attacks are often being linked to the widely publicized and popularized threat of cyber terrorism. However, cyber terrorism is a relatively young field of research and the terminology, much like its parent term, ‘terrorism’, isContinue reading “Cyber terrorism: A homogenized taxonomy and definition”

Fuck Science, We Need More Art

Humans are gods. Through science and technology we have risen to staggering heights of power. We can wipe entire nations off the face of the earth with the push of a button. We can destroy entire ecosystems in pursuit of imaginary wealth that other animals can’t even begin to comprehend. We have accumulated so muchContinue reading “Fuck Science, We Need More Art”

How I found fulfilment in a decaying world

We are faced with two options: somehow try to fix a rapidly decaying world, or accept the world for what it is and give up entirely. In becoming an artist I found a third.

My Patreon page is now live!

It’s live! If you’re an art lover or are curious about the process behind how I interpret my observations on humanity and society into artworks go check out my Patreon. I have a wide selection of tiers to suit your interests and budget and will be sharing exclusive content for all you artists and artContinue reading “My Patreon page is now live!”