Nomad Project

The Nomad Project was launched during the 2020 pandemic in response to the sharp rise in racism and extremism around the world. The project is an ongoing artistic investigation into the range of human cultural experience in order to encourage tolerance and break down barriers.

As part of the project an ever-growing portfolio of artworks are created in series, each of which is created in situ at the destination under study. The artists live in location over a number of months to experience and gain inspiration from the surrounding culture, which they then convert into artistic works that communicate the distinct energy of each place.

The project vision is to artistically exhibit the breadth of human experience, spark dialogue, and reduce “otherness” by simulating cultural immersion as experienced by the artist(s).


The México series was created by Jordan J. Plotnek as a solo project over the months of February to April of 2020. During this period the artist resided in the cities of Monterrey, Sayulita, and Mexico City.


The Québec series is a solo project by Jordan J. Plotnek and is currently ongoing. This collection is being created in Montréal and Québec City and has been in progress since Apr 2019.

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