Artist Statement

My artwork was born from my experiences as a military engineer and security scientist and is a reflection of my ongoing struggle with the nature of humankind and what it means to be human.

On an individual level we are often full of love, acceptance, empathy, and kindness, but as a whole we can be aggressive, destructive, hateful, and divisive – the sole reason that my scientific field exists. I am troubled by this duality and my art is where I process these thoughts and emotions and try to better understand what we are and who we have become as a species.

In line with the human-centric theme, my artwork is intrinsically human in nature. I paint on the floor to allow my body to move freely as I apply raw visceral streaks of deep natural colours using a palette knife. The bulk of my work is created by layering these streaks to build up intricate textures and emotive visuals through colour and abstracted figures and shapes.

My life as a nomad significantly influences my methods and the way I work, and I will often gain inspiration from my constantly changing environment. I prefer working on large canvases that block everything else out and leave the viewer immersed in the emotion of the work. I do this in acrylic as it allows me to most quickly and fluently transfer my turbulent thoughts and emotions whilst staying focused on the subject matter.

I had a dream about lanterns floating through a bamboo forest inspired by Jordan’s painting and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. Had to get it.

William Desjardins, Montréal

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