Artist Biography

Jordan Plotnek is an artist-scientist who specialises in critical infrastructure protection and produces analogous artwork that explores human nature and existentialism.

Jordan’s life as an artist began in childhood; raised by a painter mother and musician father, and attending both art and music school. Once completing his engineering degree Jordan commissioned into the military where he was exposed to a world centred on human conflict and aggression, where lethal violence and destruction would be desensitised; and sometimes even celebrated. In time this hyper-awareness of the human capacity for such atrocities resulted in a debilitating anxiety and depression.

It was at this point that Jordan rediscovered painting, which he has practiced professionally ever since; complementing his ongoing scientific endeavours with an artistic investigation into the human condition. His work quickly proved to be successful; having been internationally collected, commissioned, and gallery represented within the first month. Today his work is displayed across the globe, including in Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, and UAE.

Given the subject-matter Jordan’s artwork can be described as captivating yet sometimes uncomfortable, luring the viewer in and provoking them to engage with their own psyche and question the world around them. His methods and influences are largely informed by his nomadic lifestyle, working primarily on large unstretched canvases and with an equal focus on texture and colour. Jordan’s style is best described as abstract expressionist or lyrical abstract.

I’d never bought original artwork before but when I saw Jordan’s painting I loved it instantly. I find myself getting lost in it and discovering new things I hadn’t noticed before. I love it in my home.

Marie Robinson, Geelong

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