Jordan Plotnek is an Australian-Brazilian abstract expressionist painter with a permanent studio in Montréal. Inspired by current events, his security research, and his nomadic travels, Plotnek’s work investigates the nature of humanity; exploring themes such as morality, conflict, environmentalism, and existentialism. His work treads the line between captivating and uncomfortable, luring the viewer in and provoking them to engage with their own psyche and question the world around them.


An exploration of the subconscious in relation to specific themes, these intuitive works express emotion through impulsive mark making.


Bordering both symbolism and expressionism, these works communicate ideas and meaning through the purposeful abstraction of shape, colour, texture, and sometimes figure.


"Desert Sun", acrylic on canvas, 102 x 76cm, 2019.

Somewhere between Color Field and Action Painting, these works express emotion and symbolism through bold colours spontaneously layered to build intricate textures.


An ongoing portfolio of works created in-residence among diverse cultures and peoples, often in conflict zones. The project vision is to simulate cultural immersion and breakdown barriers to peace.

I had a dream about lanterns floating through a bamboo forest inspired by Jordan’s painting and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. Had to get it.

William Desjardins, Montréal

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The ultimate security is your understanding of reality.

H. Stanley Judd