Security Threats to the Academic Sector in 2022

I feel for universities at this time.

They’ve just come through a battering of nation-wide cyber attacks, a pandemic that threw their standard operating model out the window, and budget cuts that forced rearrangement of entire departments and projects.

And now, after all this, being declared critical infrastructure late last year puts academia under the spotlight. It will force significant investment into security for a large number of universities who haven’t got adequate security programs in place under the new expectations.

But, unfortunately for us, criminals and spies don’t care much about the reasons why we’re vulnerable. In fact, due to all of the above, it only makes the higher education sector an even bigger target.

It’s not all bad though. Raising your security posture will provide better protection for your research, staff, and students, and will enable collaboration with Government entities that are providing increasingly valuable research opportunities during this period of heightened political tension. It’s also the perfect time to revise your technology architecture and make things more cost efficient in the long term.

I could talk about this all day, best to just read my full article on the topic at the link below!

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