Australia Creates Minister for Cities

With the recent Australian Government cabinet reshuffle, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced a Minister for Cities with the aim of creating more liveable, vibrant, and future-embracing cities in Australia. It would appear that Mr Turnbull’s wife, Lucy Turnbull, is one key driving factor behind this decision. Lucy is currently heading a project with Arup that examines how to build a more female-friendly city.

Having two such influential and future-minded people can only mean well for Australia and the 66% of Australians that live in its cities. However, the lack of modern digital infrastructure needs to be addressed before any kind of smart city technology can be fully appreciated or implemented in Australia. This highlights the need for an increase in funding to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) industries, which, with the amount of money lost in paying for bureaucratic waste, may unfortunately be difficult to find.

Regardless, it is refreshing to finally see a move by the Australian Government that shows they are thinking beyond their three-year term of office and getting themselves re-elected.

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