Jordan Plotnek is an Australian-Brazilian security engineer, research scientist, and professional artist whose work focuses on some of humanity’s most pressing issues.

He is involved in research and consulting on issues surrounding security resilience, cyber-kinetic conflict, and critical infrastructure, and produces analogous artwork that explores interrelated topics regarding human nature and existentialism.

Jordan’s underlying motivation is to advance humanity, for which he believes peace and security are vital prerequisites needed to provide a stable platform for free-thought, innovation, and social progress.

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Jordan has an established expertise in the security of safety-critical cyber-physical systems, gained through numerous technical, consulting, research, and managerial roles across a wide variety of industries and technologies.

Aside from independent consulting, Jordan works in Montréal as a Lead Cybersecurity Scientist at Thales’s Centre of Research & Technology in Artificial Intelligence eXpertise (cortAIx) and a Visiting Academic at Concordia University. He is also undergoing a PhD at La Trobe University in Melbourne, completing a thesis titled: ‘A Framework for Measuring Smart Grid Resilience to Cyber-Physical Terrorism’.

Jordan’s research interests are centered around security resilience, cyber-kinetic conflict, and the cybersecurity of modern critical infrastructure.

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Due to the nature of his scientific pursuits Jordan is often confronted by some of the darkest aspects of human nature; facing events such as extremist violence, warfare, extortion, and other forms of human aggression and exploitation.

Jordan counter-balances this challenging exposure with an artistic investigation into society where he explores the deeper questions surrounding the dualistic nature of humankind and what it means to be human. His art began to take a central role in his life around 2014 and he has since built up a concurrent professional practice as an abstract expressionist painter.

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